Thesis Requirements

All degrees granted from Los Angeles University require a written thesis and a one-page thesis abstract. The thesis requirement consists of a thorough research summary (about 30-50 pages) that identifies a complex problem or issue related to your desired degree and major. The thesis will display your mastery on the topic you choose, including scientific literature from an academic perspective, as well as an original and practical solution.

After you choose a topic related to your desired degree and your background, your assignment is to:

1. Describe the background information for the problem/issue.

2. State the study objectives (what problem do you want to solve? what issue do you want to address). For example: “The objective of this research summary is to examine current practices related to teaching autistic kindergarten-age children, identify areas that need improvement, and describe possible classroom management solutions.”

3. Description of methodology (list the online research databases you utilized, describe the search criteria, list the types of articles you included/excluded). You should include about 25-40 research articles.

4. Summarize the main findings. and important conclusions.

5. Describe research areas that need to be further examined/improved and possible solutions.

6. Include references in AMA format.

Example: A student studying for their Master’s of Business Administration in Public Administration can choose to research public administration in urban renewal. The student would describe the background information in as much detail as possible, state the research summary objectives and description of methodology. The student would then summarize the findings, areas that need improvement, and possible solutions.

A one page thesis abstract will accompany the thesis.

After you apply and are excepted you will be offered the opportunity to consult with our educational consultants regarding your thesis requirement.

You can download out Thesis and CV Examples here:

LAU Thesis & CV Examples – The impact of hrm practices on turn over online