News 2016

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to notify you that in the last 2 months we improved the University:

The 1st  thing that we did was recruiting 3 more distinguish deans for 3 of our faculties

Doctor Annie Labatt-
Dean of Art

Joseph W Ruane PhD
Dean of Science

Deanna Birdyshaw
Dean of Education

You can read about each one of them on the site under faculty 

Second – we created 72 new courses in 45 different subjects degrees.
Actually we are allowed  to teach all academic subjects except Medicine,Law and Engineering

Third – we created a facebook page with link to the university and we already have

Fourth – We created a ppt. that is presented on the first page of the site on the right side

Thank You All and G-d Bless you and of course SHABAT SHALOM