What Can an Art Degree Do For You?

Are you the creative type? Always sketching, designing clothes or furniture, having fun with digital media, getting lost in art museums, or redecorating your room? Have you thought about making a career out of your talents?

Even without formal schooling in the arts, you can earn a degree from LAU based on your experience, even informal experience.  The degree you earn can help you start a career in arts.

Check out the following art degrees and lets think about the career possibilities together: Theses are just some ideas but the possibilities are endless!

  1. Advertising: Help create awesome ads and contribute to the success of a growing company
  2. Apparel Design: Design awesome clothes for your favorite shops
  3. Architecture: Contribute to the physical development of new buildings and communities
  4. Art Administration: Get a job in an art school helping the next generation of artists
  5. Art Education: Make an impact on the next generation of artists 
  6. Art History: Curate your favorite pieces of art in a museum and pass on your love to others
  7. Desktop Publishing: Create awesome content online for millions to see
  8. Environmental Design: Contribute to the “Eco” revolution & reduce environmental footprints
  9. Fine Arts: Add a boost to your resume and sell your art in stores
  10. Furniture Design: Create the furniture that will symbolize your generation
  11. Graphic Design: Work for a printing company creating logos, banners, invitations, billboards
  12. Illustration: Land a job at a publishing house illustrating books or comics
  13. Industrial Design: Create functional stores, display solutions, and warehouses
  14. Interior Design: Turn someone’s office or home into exactly what they desire and need
  15. Media Arts: Have fun making online ads, memes, gifs, second life characters, games
  16. Photography: Work for a travel magazine and travel the world capturing its beauty
  17. Website Design: Help companies and blogs grow by creating their online presence

What else can you do with an art degree?

That is up to you!

Apply now for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate Degree in Art




News 2016

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to notify you that in the last 2 months we improved the University:

The 1st  thing that we did was recruiting 3 more distinguish deans for 3 of our faculties

Doctor Annie Labatt-
Dean of Art

Joseph W Ruane PhD
Dean of Science

Deanna Birdyshaw
Dean of Education

You can read about each one of them on the site under faculty 

Second – we created 72 new courses in 45 different subjects degrees.
Actually we are allowed  to teach all academic subjects except Medicine,Law and Engineering

Third – we created a facebook page with link to the university and we already have

Fourth – We created a ppt. that is presented on the first page of the site on the right side

Thank You All and G-d Bless you and of course SHABAT SHALOM

Five Celebrities Who Hold Doctoral Degrees



In spite of the fact that their calendars are pressed with making motion pictures, playing proficient games, performing music and planning garments, a few big names have set aside a few minutes to do a reversal to class and seek after a higher education. These five stars have exhibited an especially firmly enthusiasm for advanced education, as they earned a four year certification, as well as a doctorate too.

Shaquille O’neal

In May, four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’neal earned a doctoral degree in instruction from Barry University. The ball superstar initially left Louisiana State University to seek after his fantasy of playing in the NBA, however since he guaranteed his guardians he would in the long run complete school, he later backtracked to class and earned a four year college education, graduate degree and afterward a doctorate.

James Franco

Performing artist James Franco has reliably demonstrated the extent to which he values advanced education. The “Arachnid Man” star initially earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Los Angeles, then proceeded onward to acquire two written work graduate degrees from Columbia University and Brooklyn College and an extra Master’s in Directing from New York University. At that point, a year ago, Franco affirmed that on top of seeking after a Phd in English from Yale University, he had additionally been acknowledged to the doctoral program in exploratory writing and writing at the University of Houston, TIME magazine reports.

Bill Cosby

All through the 1960s and ’70s, on-screen character, entertainer and creator Bill Cosby put much of his vitality to advanced education, in the end winning a graduate degree in instruction in 1972. Just after six years, Cosby finished a Doctorate in Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. From that point forward, the star has utilized his insight to advance instruction changes the country over, swaying kids and adolescents to better themselves by staying in school.

Brian May

As an issue and musician with the unbelievable rock gathering Queen, Brian May has demonstrated his commitment to music. Nonetheless, he likewise demonstrated his enthusiasm for instruction by gaining a Doctoral degree in Astrophysics at Imperial College London in 2007. At that point, just months after the fact, May was named the chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).

“In this period of big name society, it is uncommon to discover somebody who has notoriety, fortune and general recognition but who stays valid to his center benefits of learning and illumination,” LJMU bad habit chancellor Michael Brown told The Guardian in 2007.

Miuccia Prada

On top of being an incredibly famous design originator and ambitious person, Miuccia Prada – granddaughter of Mario Prada, organizer of the Prada style realm – additionally holds a Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Milan. Before gaining her doctorate, Prada earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the college.


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Will your Degree Increase your Salary?

Let your Degree Earn Money for you!

Did you know that you can expect a pay raise after earning an additional degree? But it is not as simple as it sounds. Your current employer may not offer you a salary bump immediately. However, once you start looking for a new job in the hopes of earning more, your employer may see the value in raising your salary in order to retain you.  If they don’t, you will likely enjoy a salary increase when you switch to a new job.

How much of an increase can you expect to see?

That depends on your profession and your location but you can likely estimate between $8,000-$30,000 in salary increase.  But again, don’t take our word for it. Earn a higher degree from LAU and see how far it takes you.



Earn a Degree while Advancing your Career

At Los Angeles University you can work and earn a University degree at the same time! LAU supports the unique needs of working professionals. At LAU you get:

  • An interactive learning experience 
  • Real-world experience 
  • An opportunity to do research in your field 
  • A wide-range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees 

Check out the wide-range of degree options in our School of Art, click here!

Check out the wide-range of degree options in our School of Business, click here!

Check out the wide-range of degree options in our School of Education, click here!

Check out the wide range of degree options in our School of Science, click here!


Thesis and CV Consultation

Thesis and CV Consultation

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Thesis and CV Consultation

An administration and a thesis consultant can review your application and help you write your CV and work experience as well as the required thesis. The thesis is a research project in the field of your desired degree and expertise. The thesis requirement consists of a thorough research summary (about 30-50 pages) that identifies a complex problem or issue related to your desired degree and major. The thesis will display your mastery on the topic you choose, including scientific literature from an academic perspective, as well as an original and practical solution.

Thesis and CV Consultation: $500

L.A.U. Bachelor’s Degree

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A Bachelor’s Degree from Los Angeles University is the key to getting the job you want. If you have 4 years of experience or the equivalent in educational courses or military experience, you may qualify for a bachelor’s degree from LAU.  With a bachelor degree in hand, you show potential employers that you have the skills necessary for the job market.  A bachelor’s degree can open up doors that were previously closed to you, allowing you to be competitive in the job market.

If you have 4 years of accumulated education, life, work, or military experience, you may qualify for a Bachelor’s degree.  We can help you figure out if your previous experience qualifies you for a Bachelor’s degree from LAU.  When you apply for a Bachelor’s degree, you will start working with one of our educational consultants to ascertain if you have 4 years of qualifying experience.

What qualifies as “experience?”

Previous experience may include prior work experience, prior educational classes, military training, professional training and workshops, participation in professional organizations, volunteer activities, community service, independent learning, and more.  Not sure if you qualify? Simply ask us if your life experience qualifies you for a Bachelor’s degree from LAU.

You can choose from over 150 majors at Los Angeles University:

  1. Accounting
  2. Actuarial Science
  3. Advertising
  4. African American and African Studies
  5. Agribusiness Management
  6. Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics
  7. Agriculture and Natural Resources
  8. Animal Science
  9. Animal Science-Environmental Toxicology
  10. Anthropology
  11. Apparel and Textiles
  12. Applied Behavior Analysis
  13. Applied Engineering Sciences
  14. Applied Mathematics
  15. Applied Statistics
  16. Arabic
  17. Art Education
  18. Art History and Visual Culture
  19. Arts and Cultural Management
  20. Arts and Humanities
  21. Astrophysics
  22. Astrophysics and Astronomy
  23. Athletic Training
  24. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  25. Biotechnology
  26. Biomedical Laboratory Science
  27. Biostatistics
  28. Biosystems Engineering
  29. Business Analytics
  30. Business Information Systems
  31. Business Research
  32. Cell and Molecular Biology
  33. Chemical Engineering
  34. Chemical Physics
  35. Chemistry
  36. Child Development
  37. Chinese
  38. Civil Engineering
  39. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  40. Communication
  41. Community Sustainability
  42. Comparative Cultures and Politics
  43. Comparative Medicine and Integrative Biology
  44. Computer Engineering
  45. Computer Science
  46. Construction Management
  47. Criminal Justice
  48. Critical Studies in Literacy and Pedagogy
  49. Crop and Soil Sciences
  50. Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education
  51. Dietetics
  52. Digital Humanities
  53. Earth Science
  54. Economics
  55. Education
  56. Education (Elementary)
  57. Educational Policy
  58. Educational Psychology
  59. Educational Technology
  60. Electrical Engineering
  61. Engineering Mechanics
  62. English
  63. Environmental Biology
  64. Environmental Design
  65. Environmental Economics and Policy
  66. Environmental Engineering
  67. Environmental Geosciences
  68. Environmental Studies and Sustainability
  69. Family Community Services
  70. Film Studies
  71. Finance
  72. Food Industry Management
  73. Food Safety and Toxicology
  74. Food Science
  75. Foodservice Business Management
  76. Foreign Language Teaching
  77. Forensic Science
  78. Forestry
  79. French, Language and Literature
  80. General Management
  81. Genetics
  82. Genomics & Molecular Genetics
  83. Geographic Information Science
  84. Geography
  85. Geological Sciences
  86. German Studies
  87. Hispanic Cultural Studies
  88. Hispanic Literatures
  89. History
  90. History Education
  91. Horticulture
  92. Hospitality Business Management
  93. Human Biology
  94. Human Nutrition
  95. Human Resource Management
  96. Human Resources and Labor Relations
  97. Interior Design
  98. International Planning Studies
  99. International Public Health
  100. International Relations
  101. Japanese
  102. Jazz Studies
  103. Journalism
  104. K-12 Educational Administration
  105. Landscape Architecture
  106. Large Animal Clinical Sciences
  107. Linguistics
  108. Literature in English
  109. Marketing
  110. Materials Science and Engineering
  111. Mathematics
  112. Mathematics Education
  113. Measurement and Quantitative Methods
  114. Mechanical Engineering
  115. Media and Information Studies
  116. Microbiology
  117. Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
  118. Music
  119. Music Composition
  120. Music Conducting
  121. Music Education
  122. Music Theory
  123. Nutritional Sciences
  124. Organizational Behavior-Human Resource Management
  125. Philosophy
  126. Physics
  127. Physiology
  128. Planning, Design & Construction
  129. Plant Biology
  130. Plant Pathology
  131. Political Science
  132. Psychology
  133. Public Health
  134. Public Health Administration
  135. Public Health Informatics
  136. Public Policy
  137. Public Relations
  138. Rehabilitation Counseling
  139. Religious Studies
  140. Russian
  141. School Psychology
  142. Science Education
  143. Second Language Studies
  144. Social Work
  145. Sociology
  146. Spanish
  147. Special Education
  148. Statistics
  149. Studio Art
  150. Teaching and Curriculum
  151. Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Education
  152. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  153. Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media
  154. Theater
  155. Urban and Regional Planning
  156. Urban Education
  157. Veterinary Technology
  158. Women’s and Gender Studies
  159. Zoology

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L.A.U. School of Arts

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Los Angeles University’s School of Art allows you to balance your creative goals with your career responsibilities.  The deans of the School of Art are top industry professionals, who will guide you in receiving your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree based on your previous art studies and experience.   Creative professionals who hold a professional degree can achieve greater career goals in the art industry and focus more of their career on art.  If you have been working in the art field for at least 4 years, you may qualify for a professional degree, which will allow you to take your art career to the next level.  You will achieve greater professional advancement for your creative abilities with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree from LAU. The School of Art offers many different art majors. Explore the full list below.

Los Angeles School of Art offers degrees in the following areas:

  1. 3D Design
  2. Advertising
  3. Animation
  4. Apparel Design
  5. Architecture
  6. Art Administration
  7. Art Criticism
  8. Art Direction
  9. Art Education
  10. Art History
  11. Art Therapy
  12. Art-General
  13. Blacksmithing
  14. Book Arts
  15. Calligraphy
  16. Cartooning
  17. Ceramics
  18. Cinematography
  19. Commercial Art
  20. Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  21. Computer Art/Design
  22. Crafts
  23. Design
  24. Desktop Publishing
  25. Drafting
  26. Drawing
  27. Enameling
  28. Environmental Design
  29. Exhibit Design
  30. Fashion Design
  31. Fibers/Textiles/Weaving
  32. Film/Video
  33. Fine Arts
  34. Floral Design
  35. Furniture Design
  36. Game Design
  37. Graphic Design
  38. Illustration
  39. Industrial Design
  40. Interior Design
  41. Jewelry
  42. Landscape Design
  43. Layout and Production
  44. Media Arts
  45. Medical Illustration
  46. Multimedia
  47. Painting
  48. Photography
  49. Printmaking
  50. Product Design
  51. Restoration
  52. Sculpture
  53. Toy Design
  54. Transportation Design
  55. Website Design

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