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What Can an Art Degree Do For You?

Are you the creative type? Always sketching, designing clothes or furniture, having fun with digital media, getting lost in art museums, or redecorating your room? Have you thought about making a career out of your talents?

Even without formal schooling in the arts, you can earn a degree from LAU based on your experience, even informal experience.  The degree you earn can help you start a career in arts.

Check out the following art degrees and lets think about the career possibilities together: Theses are just some ideas but the possibilities are endless!

  1. Advertising: Help create awesome ads and contribute to the success of a growing company
  2. Apparel Design: Design awesome clothes for your favorite shops
  3. Architecture: Contribute to the physical development of new buildings and communities
  4. Art Administration: Get a job in an art school helping the next generation of artists
  5. Art Education: Make an impact on the next generation of artists 
  6. Art History: Curate your favorite pieces of art in a museum and pass on your love to others
  7. Desktop Publishing: Create awesome content online for millions to see
  8. Environmental Design: Contribute to the “Eco” revolution & reduce environmental footprints
  9. Fine Arts: Add a boost to your resume and sell your art in stores
  10. Furniture Design: Create the furniture that will symbolize your generation
  11. Graphic Design: Work for a printing company creating logos, banners, invitations, billboards
  12. Illustration: Land a job at a publishing house illustrating books or comics
  13. Industrial Design: Create functional stores, display solutions, and warehouses
  14. Interior Design: Turn someone’s office or home into exactly what they desire and need
  15. Media Arts: Have fun making online ads, memes, gifs, second life characters, games
  16. Photography: Work for a travel magazine and travel the world capturing its beauty
  17. Website Design: Help companies and blogs grow by creating their online presence

What else can you do with an art degree?

That is up to you!

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Will your Degree Increase your Salary?

Let your Degree Earn Money for you!

Did you know that you can expect a pay raise after earning an additional degree? But it is not as simple as it sounds. Your current employer may not offer you a salary bump immediately. However, once you start looking for a new job in the hopes of earning more, your employer may see the value in raising your salary in order to retain you.  If they don’t, you will likely enjoy a salary increase when you switch to a new job.

How much of an increase can you expect to see?

That depends on your profession and your location but you can likely estimate between $8,000-$30,000 in salary increase.  But again, don’t take our word for it. Earn a higher degree from LAU and see how far it takes you.



Earn a Degree while Advancing your Career

At Los Angeles University you can work and earn a University degree at the same time! LAU supports the unique needs of working professionals. At LAU you get:

  • An interactive learning experience 
  • Real-world experience 
  • An opportunity to do research in your field 
  • A wide-range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees 

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