Los Angeles University is a fully recognized life experience university and has been awarded the status of accreditation from the following authorities:

Certificate of approved Membership fron an Intenational Association for Distace Learning


logo-BOUAThe Board of On-line Universities Accreditation (BOUA).


Logo-WOEACThe World On-line Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC).

The following mill degrees with the exception of law, medical and engineering have been awarded the certification of :

Bachelors Degrees, Master's Degrees, Doctorate Degree and Honorary Degree.


 Legal Policy:
1 Los Angeles University is an online life experience university rather then a regular one.
2 L.A.U. is offering various majors with the exception of law, medical and engineering.
3 L.A.U. is offering mill B.A., M.A. & Phd. degrees rather then a regular academic ones.